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Nashville Tornado

I’ll keep this brief, for obvious reasons: Most of you have likely heard by now that we had a tornado rip through our city last night; we escaped damage/injury here at my house, as the storm passed about a mile south of us, destroying several businesses and homes in its path. There are still a number of people unaccounted for. Where it’s bad, and that’s a lot of places, it’s really bad. We are shaken a bit, but otherwise fine, hugging our neighbors and feeling very fortunate on a perversely beautiful sunny and warm day here in Nashville. Should you wish to donate to the recovery effort, the place to go is:

Thanks so much to all of you who’ve reached out to ask about our well-being; the outpouring of concern has been overwhelming–Boo and I appreciate your thinking of us and our community.

I’ll post a more extensive update soon–



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