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Note from Oacoma / Last two shows of the tour & the year!

With chains on the tires, going over Snoqualmie Pass in Washington State

With chains on the tires, going over Snoqualmie Pass in Washington State, 12/11/16

Good morning from Oacoma, South Dakota—it’s four degrees outside. I landed here last night after driving all day from Bozeman, MT, where I spent two great days with my old friend Dave Goodwin. Thought I’d sleep well, but as usual stayed up late, then woke up early with a lot on my mind. Good thing I get to play a couple of good shows to close out the tour, and the year, over the next few days. Had a nice drive through Montana, Wyoming, and the western half of SD yesterday—dramatic landscapes, huge skies, and the ever-changing light playing tricks everywhere constantly. Add to that yet another “super moon”, though with a caul of thin clouds over it for part of the night—it was visually an incredible day. Fortunately the roads weren’t bad, though Google sent me on a 2-lane highway for a good while through eastern Montana, which left much to be desired in spots, re: weather-related road conditions. Once back on I-90, going through the Badlands, I was in the left lane, in the process of passing a semi, when suddenly a huge buck appeared at the left edge of the median. I slowed WAY down, and thankfully he didn’t move. From then on I kept a vigilant eye on the shoulders, with the help of that aforementioned moonlight.

Tonight I’ll be at Byron’s in Pomeroy, Iowa—one of my favorite venues anywhere, filled with great people ready for a good time. Really looking forward to this; I hope those of you in the area can make it. It’s gonna be cold but the weather doesn’t look to be too bad. I have no idea what I’ll play, but after almost three weeks on the road and thousands of miles, I’m ready to cut loose. Come support this wonderful venue if you can.

On Saturday, after catching some sleep in my own bed for a night, I’ll be heading over to Hippie Jack’s, in Crawford, TN, to play a benefit for homeless relief; here are some details from the fb event page (

“This is a free Americana roots music and camping event on Hippie Jack’s farm in Crawford, TN. Camping will be open from Dec. 16th-18th to anyone who wishes. You may come as early as 12pm on Friday the 16th to setup your campsite and prepare for a weekend of bliss on the West Obey River in Middle TN. Acts will feature:

Leonard Anderson

Kevin Gordon

The Naughty Knots

Mary Gauthier

Tim O’ Brien

If you can’t be there in person, the shows will be streaming live starting at noon on Dec. 17, via the Jammin’ at Hippie Jack’s Facebook page:

Always a great time up in the hills—and supporting an important cause makes it all the sweeter. Hope you can be there, in body and/or spirit!

Have a great weekend, everyone! 

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