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road post: hendersonville

Quiet morning here at the Red Roof in Hendersonville NC, except for the breakfast area which was crammed with up-early parkgoers talking much too loudly for my yet un-caffeinated head. I grabbed a styro cup full of chemical brew and retreated back here to the room, #109, to chew on an apple and look out upon a great view of a privacy fence about 4 feet from my window, and what appears to be a fine dark spread of green-shadowed forest behind it.

I slept better last night. The re-amalgamation of the family unit has not been without its stress, but I guess anything good won’t be without some rough spots along the way.  Our kids’ first day of school yesterday–their first day in public school, too, which is a very different environment from what they’ve been used to–a lot more kids, a much bigger building, and cops in the halls. So far, so good.

The first batch of Salvage CDs was mailed out this week; those of you who ordered (very) early should be getting yours soon. I’m working to get these out to you as soon as possible–thank you for your patience. Please remember these are hand-made (with the help of a Mac), and it takes a little while to get them assembled. Once I get home on Monday, we’ll get right back to it. Most of the 100 are gone–just a few remaining. (You can order here: Thanks so much for your interest in this project. I hope you find it worth the wait.

Really excited about the two shows I’m playing this weekend–tonight at The White Mule in Columbia SC, at 7pm; tomorrow a SXSE show in Myrtle Beach SC, 7 o’clock start as well. Listen for me on the radio with Uncle Gram on Saturday morning, sometime between 9-12 (WUSC-FM, 90.5 on the dial).

I’ve been reading a few different books: In the Country of Country, by Nicholas Dawidoff, Einstein’s God, by Krista Tippett, and The Years With Laura Diaz, by Carlos Fuentes.  Listening to the new Jimmie Vaughan record, which is fabulous (a lot of people still don’t “get it”, and man, it’s a damn shame). Lou Ann Barton (as well as JV) sings great–them are some skanky vowels and growls–and as I read recently, she says, “There are two cool people in the world, and Jimmie Vaughan is one of them”. The Petty record sounds great–I keep wanting to resist it, but when I do put it on, I usually end up listening to the whole thing. Pieta Brown’s latest, One and All, sounded mighty fine when I heard it in Iowa a few weeks ago. I bought my daughter a copy and haven’t seen it since.

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  1. mark gerking August 13, 2010 at 9:37 am #

    Yes sir, the new JV record is top notch! Lou Ann has lived the life (and a 1/2), she sings it like she’s lived it. Saw the two of them a few years ago, (hell, my few years is probably more like 10), and it was just great!

    Time gets real weird the older I get.

    Petty just puts out album after album of good stuff. He has the gift.

    One and All sounds fine here too!

    And Salvage…well you know!

    Glad the acclimation with the family/home is going good.

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