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City Winery: A Real Gig / Well Demos / The Care & Feeding of my 1040

Roux for my gumbo last week–

Yes, friends–

it’s been a while. A while since we’ve talked, and a while since I’ve played a show in public, in a venue other than my dining room. But there’s one coming right up: Ben de la Cour and I are at City Winery’s Music City Wine Garden here in Nashville on Wednesday, October 7, at 7 pm. After all these months, playing a show open to the public (a limited number of the public) will feel fantastic. Fantastic and terrifying. I think the best practicing one can do is playing in front of people; sitting in the back room by your lonesome, staring down at your fingers fiddling about just ain’t the same. So—bring it, rough edges; come on, fears; and you, the ornery vague trembling, back there in the dark: I welcome you. We’ll get through this together. And we’ll have a great time doing it, dammit. Tickets (FREE with RSVP) available here:

Many thanks to those of you who’ve bought and/or streamed the little archival record I released in August. If you bought the download but didn’t find the PDF booklet, please let me know, via–we’ll just email it to ya. 

If you’re not hip to it yet, here it is, available exclusively on my bandcamp site. UPDATE: This Friday, Oct. 2, is a “Bandcamp Friday,” when Bandcamp waives their cut of sales revenue for all the artists on their site. Every little bit helps during this crazy year of no touring, so please check it out. It’s a great time to grab the Well Demos release, as well as the music of many other artists. Here’s a link to the Well Demos:

From Mayer Danzig’s Twangville review of the record: ” . . . the combination of Gordon’s storytelling and Louisiana musical flair shines regardless of the instrumentation and arrangement.”

I have another music-related anniversary coming up–more about that in my next post!

The Care and Feeding of my 1040

FYI I started this post a few days ago, before the NY Times mentioned something about someone’s taxes . . . . 

My household’s annual federal income tax return is commonly born the following January, nurtured for a few days with a few easily obtainable scraps of data, and then . . . put away for an interminable period while I focus on more pleasant things, of which there are, um, many. This year=same, except with so much time available because of the very real collapse of one of my careers (I always want to write “careen” instead of “career”) and the otherwise let’s-just-stay-home vibe of our current mess of an era, I am in fact all set to actually file on time . . . well, per the late-filing deadline of October 15, that is. There’s still time to screw it up. Don’t count me out just yet.

I have to fill out two Schedules C; one for music biz, and one for the art biz. That’s where most of the finagling takes place . . . not only looking at bank records, but consulting my journals, my Google cal, and my little back-pocket notebooks, which have more of the dry day-to-day stuff, and can often help put me where I was on a given day when my mileage log morale apparently had a bad case of the “meh.”  So I’m lining up my lists, my receipts (digital mostly, at this point, hoorah), and other scribblings, to reconstruct a year’s worth of getting and spending, paying and owing. Filling in said mileage log with data from my phone, for business travel and those blesséd medical miles. And though I profess to despise all this, it occurs to me now that this is an obvious way for me to take measure of my time and efforts for a year, by digging into the numbers—though it is only the more anxious neighborhoods within my personality’s city limits that happen to care about such; once those anxieties are tamed, post-filing, there is a more general ease about the whole spread of the mind,  a more pleasant mental weather like Fall coming in after Summer’s sharp light and heat, a mercy of sorts that lasts, for a while. 

Reading: “Another Country” by James Baldwin

Listening: Bob Dylan, “Infidels”

Watching: “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”

Plenty of others too . . . these are just what I’ve gotten into in the last couple of days.

I’ll keep it short this time–just to post something feels unfamiliar yet long overdue; this one’s just a quiet re-entry.

Thanks, as ever, for your support!




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