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Early September Update: 90 degrees and holding


Greenway journal: Circle of broken segments, the bowed skeins of the spider’s web ten feet over my head, under a limb that shoots out over the trail; its maker, a wolf spider, nowhere to be seen, maybe tucked in the curl of a cool damp leaf. Some of the more usual Hallmark card beauty is out here, yes: the sun’s rays shooting through the rising mist of fading dew, like admonition, like blessing, and the pitch of the day and the season changes by the minute . . .

I suppose the ongoing blazing afternoon temps make the cooler mornings that much sweeter, but it just seems a little obnoxious at this point. Summer, just go ahead and let go. K? You’ll be back soon enough. I’m ready for open window weather again. Thankfully, knock-on-aluminum, the a/c has endured another season, despite the last service tech’s dire prediction. This weekend I’ll be heading north in search of some of those cooler temperatures–Friday I’m at the Hideout in Chicago, on a three-act bill with Derek Hoke, and Sarah Potenza & the Tall Boys. I’ll go on at about 10pm. On Saturday I’m playing a private party over in Riverside, Iowa. Hope to see a lot of old friends and make some new ones.

Next week it’s the annual Americana Music Association Festival & Conference, here in the 615. Looking forward to seeing friends from out of town, though I never feel ready for these events. But it will be fun to play, and with all the running I’ve been doing lately, I just know I’ll be staying up late taking in a lot of shows. Well. We’ll see. For those of you coming into town, and wanting to catch a show, check the tour schedule for details. I’m playing Tuesday evening, and twice on Thursday, all three shows happening here in my beloved eastside neighborhood, at the East X Americana event at East-centric Pavilion, the 5 Spot, and The Family Wash.

Other shows coming up include stops in LA, DC, VA, PA, and AL. I’ll be trying out some of the new songs (2 of which were written in the last two weeks) that I’m considering for the new recording project. And yes, in case you were wondering, the funding campaign is still going–and we have a long way to go. So, I know you’ve been Kickstarter-ed to death, but the fact remains that this is the only way that a lot of records get made these days. These are not donations; you are essentially participating in a pre-sale of the recording–with access to various goods and exclusive content as a thanks for joining the effort. We’re at about $6K; still far from the modest goal of 20K. Find out more here:

See you soon!


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