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Photo by Roger Feldhans.

KG, Ron Eoff at Byron’s, Pomeroy IA. Photo by Roger Feldhans.

When I was a kid, my great-grandmother hung a calendar on her wall, a decorative-flowery-grandmotherly sort of thing printed on cloth, for which year I don’t remember, with the months divided into four rows of three columns: January upper left corner, December bottom right. Because of my memory of that calendar, I’ve visualized the year like that ever since–with the end of the year as the bottom right corner. (I know–in a way, it’s the typical Western way of looking at things.) So here we are. Or getting there. I’ve got a smattering of shows coming up in Nov/Dec, including a big night w/Webb Wilder here in Nashville at the High Watt on 12/14, and a few shows in Iowa, but hit it hard the first week of January, the anchor dates being three shows with Todd Snider in Annapolis, MD and York, PA. Check the tour calendar for  details.

A seasonal reminder: we still have some of the Louisiana Snow vinyl 7″ 45s available–there were only 300 numbered/signed copies produced; free download of both tracks is included. The art for the cover and label was designed by the fantastic Andy Vastagh, and he screen-printed the covers by hand. It’s a beautiful little package, and the title track sure does suit the season. And the B-side, an alternate version of Crazy Mixed Up World–well, that one works all year round! And if you’re not into vinyl, you can purchase the downloads separately right there on the same page.

Funding campaign–Gift Sponsorships! The funding campaign for the new recording rolls on; we’re up to almost $9000.  But still have a long way to go. And remember, you can purchase a gift sponsorship for that music fan on your list; we’ll make sure you have either a printed card or an e-card(still working out those logistics, folks) that you can print (or email), as a way of presenting your gift to the lucky recipient. If purchasing through PayPal from here on the site, simply email us with the recipient’s info after completing checkout; if sending funds via snail mail (Kevin Gordon Music, P.O. Box 60493, Nashville TN 37206), just make sure to include both your address info (email and physical), as well as the recipient’s address info. Email us your questions. 

Several of you have contacted me to let me know you’ve heard the Hard-Working Americans‘ version of Down to the Well on local radio (a song written by me and Colin Linden)–I can’t tell you what great news that is. Their record drops on January 21. Speaking of Down to the Well, you can see and hear me perform a version of the song (with fiddle accompaniment by Amanda Shires-Isbell) in the new Barnes Brothers film, East Nashville Tonight, starring Todd Snider, Elizabeth Cook, and various other troublemakers from the neighborhood. It’s available here, or on iTunes, and will also play in select theaters over the coming months.

Have a great holiday! See you in December–


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