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KG/Iguanas Tour Rocks & Rolls On: Chicago Tonight!

Backyard, nightfall 3/24/22

TONIGHT (3/31): Rockin’ it again with the legendary Iguanas tonight in Chicago! City Winery, baby. 8pm start. Yours truly begins the proceedings, with the Iguanas backing me supremely for my set, then they’ll play their own. Let’s fill this room! Tickets still available, kids, and it’s a beautiful night to get out amongst other three-dimensional humans again. If you need extra motivation,  I’ve got a few very-very-limited edition merch goods with me! Available ONLY at these shows!

Greetings from beautifully quiet Effingham, IL–I drove up here yesterday evening through some dang-near apocalyptic storms, but turned my lights, slowed down when I needed to, and came out of it okay. One surreal moment: I remember looking west and seeing what I thought might be a dark gray funnel cloud and saying out loud “is that a tornado?” then focusing back on the road in front of me, as if I’d said “Is that a tree?” Even in this era of devices that know everything, you’re still vulnerable out there on the highway. (Even if you’re looking at radar with the one eye that’s not on the road, you have no idea if there is a tornado etc. in your path; all I could think to do yesterday was search for Twitter accounts for western Kentucky weather . . . but even those results supplied less than current information. Did I mention that the best Twitter account in da world, especially if you’re in Nashville, is NashSevereWx? Man, they are ON it.)

Currently listening to my newly constructed John Lee Hooker playlist, on Tidal. (The intro to “Whiskey & Wimmen” is one of the supremely brilliant lurches/launches of all time!) I love the tracks with Eddie Kirkland playing 2nd guitar. I brought a few books of poetry with me: Brilliant Arkansan Frank Stanford‘s “What It Is: Collected Poems”–wildly uneven, but the good is great. “Voyage of the Sable Venus” by Robin Coste Lewis; “Voodoo Libretto: New and Selected Poems” by Timothy Seibles.

Thanks for all your kind correspondence–I do read everything and will try to respond as best I can. Onward! See ya out there–be safe!





2 Responses to KG/Iguanas Tour Rocks & Rolls On: Chicago Tonight!

  1. Marc Hagerman April 2, 2022 at 1:38 pm #

    Looking forward to the small venue show at Tip Top Deluxe on Sunday. Hope it’s sold out and rocking for you and the Iguanas ?

    • kevin gordon April 2, 2022 at 2:56 pm #

      Hi Marc, thanks! Shows have been great fun and well attended! See you tomorrow!

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