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Last-minute show announcement! KG Quartet THIS FRIDAY 4/23 on Stageit!

photo by Van DeLisle

Hi folks,
I won’t waste any time here, as time is limited, especially right now–this coming Friday, April 23, I’ll be playing a live stream set with the full band (Joe V. McMahan, Ron Eoff, Joshua Hunt) at our beloved local joint, the 5 Spot! Get your tickets now–this will be the first live stream show I’ve done with the band, and the first time we’ve played together since last August. Yes, just one set, but we’ll be firing them off quick a la Ramones, thereby maximizing your, and our, musical pleasure. Tickets are $20. Here’s the link:

(l to r) Ron Eoff, Josh Hunt, KG, Joe McMahan, and Eartha. photo by John Partipilo

Stageit shows are relatively short, but we’ll be blowing right into the encore segment, which is either 10 or 15 minutes these days. By indulging in a ticket purchase you’ll be investing in a little self-care (who doesn’t need that???), but you’ll also be supporting, in the most basic way, four musicians’ continuing efforts to keep their individual domestic boats floating during this waning yet still very real pandemic. AND helping a vital local venue to survive this mess! Yes, there seem to be party lights on the distant horizon . . . I can smell the sweat, taste the perfume (ha: yuck), and hear the catfish dropping into the fryer! Your favorite beverage awaits, there in a glass. The van even appears to be inching slightly closer, of its own volition, toward the street that leads to the interstate, that leads to the ever-confounding yet still-so-beautiful world! But for now, I’ll settle for the two-mile trip to the 5 Spot on Friday. Be there!(virtually) In the meantime, do the right thing(s)–avoid the tinfoil hat club, mask up when it’s required or when it just makes sense, and get yer damn shot(s)!





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