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Where the Land Meets the Water: Louisiana / Iowa / New Record News

I-55 South, somewhere between Jackson, MS and New Orleans, 8/31/2012

As you read this, if you read this, in a timely fashion (sometime today), I’ll be driving south towards home. But not just Louisiana: New Orleans—that other beautifully obstreperous ‘nother-country that lies within the state lines. As you read this I’ll be driving and probably listening to my new record, not because I derive any great pleasure from the sound of my own voice, but to try to learn more about this little beast we’ve made, so I can talk about it with some sense during the impending media campaign. Feels like it takes so long to make a record, then . . . it all goes so fast. It is quickly coming together into consumable form—we have a front cover! (Thank you, Keith Brogdon, at Thinking Out Loud Design.) We have a title! We have an official release date! (July 27)

I’ll be playing on Tuesday, May 1, in the Foundation Room at House of Blues in New Orleans, 7 pm, trading songs with cohorts and pals Jim McCormick and Mike Doussan. Looking forward to a big time—and if you’re in town, come on down why don’t ya?

Next week I’ll be back in the great state of Iowa, playing The Mill in Iowa City on Thursday, May 10, then heading up to Dubuque, on the bank of the MS River, as the special guest at the annual Switchback Songwriters Weekend  at the lovely Four Mounds Inn(pictured at left), May 11-13. For more info (last time I checked there were still places left), check out the details here:  I’m happy and honored to be invited back to take part in this relaxing, productive, and FUN weekend with my pals Brian and Marty from Switchback, and all who join us there in pursuit of making better songs. Last time I was there I was working on a version of what became Saint on a Chain, a song on the forthcoming new release.

I alluded to some health-related drama in my last post–please know that the results are back, and the news is GOOD. Several of you emailed me personally and I sincerely appreciate your concern.

THANKS so very much to all of you who’ve become sponsors of the new record mentioned above—the response has been, frankly, (positively) overwhelming. There’s still plenty of room in the pool for you lurkers, so come on in, the water’s fine . . . find out more HERE:

Okay, I’d better get it together–I’d like to break my long-standing habit of leaving 2 to 3 hours later than planned for trip departure. More coming soon!




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