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300K and counting

Happy Tuesday, friends and other curious onlookers. I’m getting ready for departure this afternoon–here are our destinations for the rest of this week:

Wed 8/6   Musikfest (Levitt Pavilion stage)   Bethlehem PA   5pm

Fri 8/8   Threshold Events Center   Lancaster PA   8pm

Sat 8/9   Hill Country Live   NYC   10:30pm (NYC Americanafest after-party!)

Sun 8/10   Musikfest (Liederplatz stage, sponsored by Godfrey Daniels)   6:30pm

Ron Eoff and I will be driving up; our very talented friends in PA Ellen Houle and Tom Geddes will be on drums; Tom with us in Lancaster, and Ellen on the rest. Looking forward to these shows! For more details about these and other upcoming shows (Iowa and Missouri next week!), check the tour page here on the site. You can also track me via on your computer or mobile device.

In other highway-related news, the van reached a new milestone (literally) on Sunday, around mile marker 78 on I-24 East, just before Ft. Campbell KY:

 . . . and counting

. . . and counting

My son and I were traveling together, on our way back from Iowa. I was only half-joking when I said something about “the auto-self-destruct” command being executed by the landsled itself when we hit the big 300K. Bravo, Toyota; you’ve been great (knock on naughahyde . . .).

Read anything good lately? I’m bouncing around between my pal Reese Fuller‘s collection of non-fiction pieces, Angola to Zydeco: Louisiana Lives, A.R. Ammons‘ book-length poem, Glare, and various articles via google on how to get your aging vehicle to pass the state emissions test . . .

My kids turned me on to Mark Kozelek‘s new record, released earlier this year under the moniker Sun Kil Moon, titled Benji. Definitely took me out of my comfort zone–then into a good place. Long (auto-)biographical narratives, at points devastatingly tragic or hilarious. Or, like this life, a strange blend of the two.


On a more serious note, please keep my friend and mentor David Egan in your thoughts/prayers/meditations. (Though he would probably prefer you listen to his songs than worry about him so much . . . .) Love and gratitude to you, sir. 






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