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from the legacy hotel

Had a great time at the White Water Tavern–though it seems a huge sporting event (the one without the obnoxious horns) drew some of the crowd away from this particular throwdown. This happens more often than I like. But even I was captivated by the last 5 minutes of the game–the only 5 minutes of […]

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touring/recording update

Took this photo in my backyard night before last. Some updates:  Joe and I return to House of David studio tomorrow and Monday to complete the mixes for the new record. This includes remixing 3-4 that were previously considered “done”.  Tracks mixed for the record are (in no particular order): Colfax Side of the Road […]

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Music City Roots/flood fallout/kickstarter

set list from wednesday So good to see so many folks out at the Loveless on Wednesday night for the Music City Roots show. What a great experience–the crew and staff treated us really well; the relaxed yet professional vibe made it easy to focus on the performance, instead of the minor stuff that sometimes […]

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Music City Roots show

Hi all, At the risk of being redundant, I’ll repost this from my fb page: The Music City Roots show is ON at the Loveless tonight…a FREE show, asking all to come out with donations of money, food, supplies, pet supplies, etc. All gate proceeds will go to the Community Fund – Join me, […]

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