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Let’s Make a Record!

Dear friends,

When my latest record, Gloryland, was released in February 2012, I had a little talk with myself about the amount of time that seems to pass between my releases. Six and a half years went by between Burning and Gloryland. In a culture with an ever-contracting attention span, this is a long wait at best, and at worst, career suicide. I’m not saying Gloryland didn’t benefit from an extended production schedule; it helped make it the record that it is. But I’m determined to work harder, and faster. It also happens that I’ve been writing like a madman, a rare trend for me, a wild horse I’m doing my damndest to stay on for as long as I can.

133 of you sponsored the Gloryland funding campaign, the overwhelming success of which enabled the hiring of a small yet mighty team of marketing professionals. That team generated tremendous attention for the record in the press and at Americana radio. Lots of people who’d never heard my music did hear Gloryland, thanks directly to their hard work, and to your sponsorship. For this I am forever grateful.

I want to build on the momentum we’ve achieved with Gloryland; I want to release a new record in the next year. To do that, I’m beginning a new funding campaign. As I’ve said before, I prefer to think of this as a pre-sale of the record and other associated goodies–because that’s really what it is. I am not simply asking for money; you get something in exchange for your involvement: not only physical goods ( CD, vinyl, etc.), but also a closer connection to the process. I’ll be updating sponsors directly with the latest information concerning the development of the project–posting video, audio samples, and more. There is no official target goal, though I am hoping to reach at least $20,000.

You Gloryland sponsors will notice that things will be simpler this time around–5 levels instead of 9(!). And I’m keeping sponsors identities confidential–I have a hunch that you have more of an interest in retaining your privacy than in having your name on a list accessible to a lot of other folks.

Thanks for your consideration–here are the sponsor levels this time around:

Level 1($20): The Recording. Your choice of one: Pre-release delivery of signed CD or download. (if a vinyl version is manufactured, that option will be offered as a separate level).

Level 2($50): Level 1 plus a high quality silkscreened T-shirt.

Level 3($100): Level 2, plus a limited-edition letterpress or silkscreen poster.

Level 4($250): Level 3, plus download of demo recordings of songs on or considered for the record.

Level 5($500): Level 4, plus handwritten lyrics of one KG song of your choice, on acid-free paper, suitable for framing.

Questions? Suggestions? Proposals? Need to customize a sponsorship package for your own particular needs? I’m all ears:

A few other things:

Sponsorship transactions are handled via PayPal, though we’ll probably move to another platform soon.Regardless, you’ll receive a confirmation email acknowledging your sponsorship purchase. If you’d rather send a check or money order, the mailing address is: Kevin Gordon Music, P.O. Box 60493, Nashville, TN 37206. Please email us at, letting us know that we’ve got mail coming–and we’ll confirm receipt of your sponsorship purchase as soon as we receive it.

“Advance” downloads and CDs will be delivered a minimum of 60 days prior to official release. You hear it before anyone else does!

If necessary due to unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to modify the rewards listed above. You will be promptly notified of any changes, and any modifications will be of equal or greater value than the original item. And, it goes without saying, but: sponsorships are non-refundable.









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  1. Duncan May 8, 2013 at 7:39 pm #

    You might want to pick up a new set of strings cause your gonna have to pull this off sooner than you think. I’m in. Come on back toward Carolinas sometime

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